Practicalities for the USI community

Shared e-mail accounts and sending permissions


Academic staff (including doctoral assistants) and administrative staff working on the Campus may request the following for work purposes:

  • creation of shared e-mail addresses (for symposia, research projects, working groups, and other initiatives officially recognised by USI or by one of its Faculties, etc.);
  • extension of their sending permissions to various address groups (students, services, academic staff, etc.).

Requests should be sent to [email protected], with reasonable notice.

Management authorisation is required for sending permissions allowing the user to send e-mails to address groups. For shared e-mail addresses, the Institutional Communication Service, representing the management, checks whether the requested address is in line with the University’s guidelines on communication and corporate design, and may propose an alternative.



Student associations

Recognised student associations are entitled to an e-mail account. Student associations are allowed to send e-mails to the groups of students and PhD students - please refer to the relevant guidelines. The address is agreed with the Institutional Communication Service as part of the recognition process for the association.






Updated on: 05 November 2021