Practicalities for the USI community

Communicating initiatives, research projects and events

The Institutional Communications Service supports faculty, researchers, services and student associations for communications addressed to the academic community and the general public, in particular for communicating on:

  • results of competitive research projects (SNF, EU), or other projects of public interest;  
  • innovative techniques in education and research;
  • important acknowledgments and accolades;
  • conferences or congresses on matters of public interest;
  • current issues and topics with expert comments and opinions from faculty and researchers.


The available communicaiton channels are:

Please note that these are complementary communication channels that do not replace your own promotional activities. To ensure the success of an initiative, particularly of an event, you still need to tap into the network of faculty contacts and institutions, send out selected and targeted invitations, and inform specialized media outlets. To support these activities, you may also consider to produce printed materials (invitation cards, flyers, posters, etc.).

Remember that even your e-mail signature can be a promotional vehicle, as it provides an opportunity to advertise future events, conferences or other activities of general interest.




Updated on: 28 July 2023