Practicalities for the USI community

Business cards

Academic and administrative staff working on the Lugano campus can ask to have their own USI business card by sending the appropriate form to the Graphic Design Service ([email protected]). For the Mendrisio campus, please contact [email protected], specifying all required information (name, surname, academic title, role, address, campus, phone number, e-mail address and website) and the amount of cards to be printed.

Business cards are created in line with the graphic design guidelines, format and layout required by USI’s corporate design. In particular, the cards are printed in black and white, the logo includes no more than two levels of affiliation, and the front is reserved exclusively to institutional contacts related to your role at USI. For a limited number of special cases, such as affiliated institutions, joint services or other collaborative ventures, the back can also be printed. However, there are no fields for functions performed outside of USI or for personal contacts, apart from your personal mobile phone number.




Updated on: 07 November 2018