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  • SNSF Application preparation

    SNSF application preparation

    The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) funds excellent research across all disciplinary fields. It offers different funding schemes depending on the career stage of the applicant and the type of project.

    The Research Service ([email protected]) helps you comply with the call guidelines and checks your eligibility.

    Applications may be submitted via mySNF or the new SNSF portal. The Research Service will be happy to guide you throughout the application process, help you with the budget and give you feedback on your proposal.

    Note that all applicants must now generate their CV via the new SNSF portal.

    Opening of the fund

    The Research Service requests the opening of a fund for all SNSF granted projects at USI.


    The Finance and Controlling service ([email protected]) helps you set up the request for the release of funds, prepares the financial reports, and addresses any questions that may arise regarding the management of the grant.

    For most SNSF funding schemes, grantees are asked to submit a Data Management Plan before the release of funds. For more information, have a look at the USI instructions to prepare a DMP and contact the Research Service for personalized assistance.


  • Preparing a proposal: needed information

    The application for an SNSF grant requests several information from the corresponding applicant as well as from further applicants and project partners.  Please be aware of the needed information and collect them from sufficiently ahead.

    Requested funding

    The Research and Transfer service will be happy to help you preparing the project budget.

    Data Management Plan

    With the Data Management Plan (DMP) researchers outline and document the life cycle of data involved in their project. The DMP is an integral part of SNSF applications. Applicants must enter a DMP that is understandable, suits their project and meets the standards set by their research community. At this stage, the DMP is considered a draft and excluded from the evaluation process. The definitive DMP must be provided by the end of the project at the latest.

    A template with examples for the SNSF Data Management Plan can be freely downloaded from the Swiss DLCM website:

    For further information contact the USI Research Data Manager Igor Sarman.

  • Documents to be attached

    The documents to be attached to your mySNF application are the most important part of the whole funding request. To avoid any problem researchers are requested to strictly respect the given rules for all documents. In particular, with respect to number of pages and characters, structure and format. Non respecting such criteria may lead to a non-consideration of you application.

  • Further information and support

    In the section “Information/Documents” of your mySNF application, you can find several useful documents, such as:

    • SNSF Regulations
    • Requirements for the research plan
    • Guidelines for CV and research output list
    • Guidelines for requesting a mobility grant

    The Research Service provides support to USI applicants in filling out the administrative containers of your proposal. We strongly recommend you to contact Ms. Anna Lazzarinetti on time to receive individual support.





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