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  • Instructions for Data Management Plan

    The DMP is an integral part of SNSF projects. Once their project is approved, researchers must provide a DMP that is understandable, suits their project and meets the standards set by their research community.

    It should be noted that the DMP is not part of the project evaluation process, it has to be produced once the project is approved. However, we strongly recommend all candidates to plan its drafting well in advance.

    The DMP is a living document that can be amended as the project evolves. The final version must be submitted by the end of the project at the latest.

    The DMP helps to plan the data lifecycle during and after a project. In the DMP, researchers set out how they will collect, document, protect, publish and preserve their data.

    In general terms, research data is collected, observed or generated factual material that is commonly accepted in the scientific community as necessary to document and validate research findings.

    The content of the SNSF DMP is described in this PDF file and a template with examples can be freely downloaded from the Swiss DLCM website:

    For support you can get in touch with USI Research Data Manager Dr. Igor Sarman.




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