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  • EU-Horizon Europe

    In light of the current situation, please contact the Research service to receive assistance once your project has been approved.

    • As an associated partner, we cannot sign the Grant Agreement.
    • We should be included in the Consortium Agreement preparation
    • We need to start the procedure for the Swiss direct funding

    Swiss direct funding

    The national funding must be requested through SERI platform

    Before starting the reimbursement procedure, please consult the following documents and contact [email protected]:

  • SNSF

    SNSF application preparation

    The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) funds excellent research across all disciplinary fields. It offers different funding schemes depending on the career stage of the applicant and the type of project.

    The Research Service ([email protected]) helps you comply with the call guidelines and checks your eligibility.

    Applications may be submitted via mySNF or the new SNSF portal. The Research Service will be happy to guide you throughout the application process, help you with the budget and give you feedback on your proposal.

    Note that all applicants must now generate their CV via the new SNSF portal.

    Opening of the fund

    The Research Service requests the opening of a fund for all SNSF granted projects at USI.


    The Finance and Controlling service ([email protected]) helps you set up the request for the release of funds, prepares the financial reports, and addresses any questions that may arise regarding the management of the grant.

    For most SNSF funding schemes, grantees are asked to submit a Data Management Plan before the release of funds. For more information, have a look at the USI instructions to prepare a DMP and contact the Research Service for personalized assistance.

  • All other funding bodies (Innosuisse, NCCR, other programmes, ...)

    In general, many other funding bodies require a signed contract and an invoice to start the project and to release the funds. When you are granted such a project, please inform the Grants Office to receive tailored support through the given procedure.




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