Practicalities for the USI community

Employee badge

Badges are assigned to academic staff – including doctoral assistants – and administrative staff when they sign their contracts. The badge remains active throughout a person’s time at the University. 



The badge allows employees working on the Lugano Campus to:

The badge may also be validated to serve as a library card: all you need do is go to the University Library on campus, present your badge and ask for it to be validated for library services. The badge is then valid not only for the USI university libraries but for the entire library service of the Canton of Ticino. It can also be validated for other libraries in the BibliOpass network.


Services/areas for which the badge is valid

When first delivered, the badge is already valid for the employee’s working areas (offices, classrooms) and for the common areas.

Requests may be made to the system administrators for the badge to be validated for other areas ([email protected]). This may require the consent of your superior. 


Loss of badge

If you lose you badge, please go to the office in the main building which receives and deals with lost property.

If the lost badge has not been handed in, please refer to [email protected] to request issue of a replacement.


Badge not working properly or damaged

If you have problems because your badge is not working properly or is damaged, please refer to [email protected].






Updated on: 16 August 2023