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Bike sharing - Lugano

As part of the SostA project, all members of the USI community may benefit from a free subscription to the Lugano network of the PubliBike bike sharing service.


Benefit from the subscription

To benefit from the subscription, you need to register and have your USI student card validated following the procedure indicated here


Following registration and validation, you can take and return bicycles using your USI student card.

We want to remind that the bike sharing subscription PubliBike offered by USI is on an annual basis. The renewal deadline was end of September: we invite those who wish to use the service for free to register again.



More information on the service

PubliBike is a bicycle hire service managed via automatic stations that operate 24 / 7. The service enables you to borrow a bicycle and later return it to the same station or another in the network.

The Lugano network consists of various stations, one of which is at the main entrance to the USI campus.


Rates and terms and conditions for USI students and employees

The subscription to the city network - as previously stated - is free (a gift from USI). There is no charge for the first 30 minutes’ use of a bicycle. Thereafter, the PubliBike rate applies, payable by the user (0.18 CHF/min and 0.23 CHF/min for e-bikes). 

For further information, you can visit the PubliBike web page.


Hotline / Publibike customer service


058 453 50 50




Updated on: 20/08/2019