Practicalities for the USI community

“Arcobaleno aziendale” - public transport season ticket

An Arcobaleno season ticket allows you to travel freely - in the Ticino and Moesano regions - on all means of public transport within the areas the ticket covers.

USI has taken advantage of the Arcobaleno aziendale (corporate) promotion, which means you can buy a 2nd-class annual Arcobaleno season ticket with a 40% reduction in price (25% paid by USI and 15% waived by the Ticino and Moesano Pricing Community). This discount is exclusively for USI employees (academic staff - including doctoral assistants - and administrative staff) with an at least annual contract and applies to journeys between home and work. 

To obtain an Arcobaleno aziendale season ticket, you need to complete the relevant form and send it to




Updated on: 15/03/2021