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Internship in Switzerland for foreign nationals


With a B Student Permit issued in Ticino, it is possible for students with non-Swiss nationality to do a curricular internship in the Canton Ticino or in another Swiss Canton, requesting at least 15 days before starting the internship a modification of their residence permit through the following procedure:

  1. Contract:
    it is required to produce a contract, duly signed and dated by the employer and the student, in which the information concerning the start and end date; percentage and place of work and pay is specified.
  2. USI Career Service declaration letter:
    Once registered the curricular internship in Mobility Online, it is possible to download the Career Service declaration letter, in which it is stated that the internship represents a mandatory experience to complement the students’ academic curricula.
  3. Online application for a change of permit:
    With Career Service declaration letter it is then possible to initiate the application procedure for a change of permit at the Immigration Office website of the Canton in which you intend to live (Notifica inizio impiego studenti permesso B o L).
  4. Sending required documentation:
    After completing the online procedure, you must send the required documents by post to the Migration Office of the Canton in which you intend to live during the internship.

Here you can find the adresses of the Cantonal immigration and employment market authorities to which you have to refer when modyfing your permit.



Regarding extracurricular internships: since they are not an integral part of the educational program, there is no guarantee of approval for modifying the permit from the migration office of the canton where one intends to work. However, the University still supports students by providing all the necessary documentation, as it does for curricular internships.

Students who return home daily and thus do not hold a B permit for study (frontalieri) must notify to the Immigration Office the start of any sort of employment (curricular or extra-curricular internship).
The request must be submitted at least 15 days before the start of the activity and must include: copy of the ID, copy of the contract and Career Service declaration letter.

Please remember that:

  • It is illegal to start the internship before you have received permission modification and approval by the Migration Office (the application must be submitted at least 15 days beforehand).
  • If, during the internship, the annual income exceeds CHF 2,300 per calendar year and per employer, the employer is required to request the AVS (Swiss social security system) number for the student.
  • Non-EU/EFTA foreign students can take on a part-time job at the earliest six months after starting their study programme (see the Canton Ticino page).
  • It is responsibility of the student to inquire the Istituto delle assicurazioni sociali about health insurance exemption during the internship (curricular and extra-curricular) and the documents (if necessary) to be submitted to the aforementioned office (please refer to Obbligo assicurativo delle delle cure medico-sanitarie).
  • Procedures for requesting permission changes may be subject to change by the Migration Office for which the Careers Service is not responsible.

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  • Home office

    In the case of a home office employment carried out by a student, the request for a change of permit must be submitted to the migration office of the canton in which the student resides. He/she must wait for authorisation from the cantonal office before starting work.





Updated on: 21 February 2024