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Extra-curricular internship

The extracurricular internship is an internship that is not part of the study programme (so it is not mandatory) and does not entitle the student to receive ECTS credits.

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  • Extra-curricular internship in Switzerland

    As extracurricular internships are not mandatory part of the study program, approval for modifying the permit from the migration office is not guaranteed.

    However, the University still supports students by providing all the necessary documentation, as it does for curricular internships: please see the page "Curricular internship in Switzerland".
    To obtain a letter requesting a change of permit, the extra-curricular internship must be registered on Mobility Online.

    Please note that students who have obtained an exemption from the mandatory health insurance obligation under Swiss law through the 'Swisscare' policy can maintain it only in the case of undertaking curricular internships. If they engage in any remunerative activity (work or internship) that is not essential for obtaining their degree (extra curricular), they are subject to mandatory health insurance in Switzerland for the entire duration of their employment. For further information, please contact: [email protected].

  • Extra-curricular internship abroad

    The Career Service assists students in doing an extra curricular internship abrod by providing:  

    • Scholarships:
      The Careers Service provides scholarships for internships abroad for all students who are regularly enrolled in a USI programme and meet the requirements. More information HERE.
    • ​Internship agreement:
      If the law of the host country requires it, USI can enter into an agreement with the professional organisation and the stagiaire. Model agreements are available in Italian and English (in Word format and already formatted for filling in the necessary fields).
      Università della Svizzera Italiana does not take on the insurance responsibility for the respective insurance policies required by the agreements (third-party liability and workplace accident risk). 

    Students who need the documents above mentioned, must register the internship - as extra curricular - on Mobility Online.


    PLEASE NOTE: Students insured through Swisscare can maintain this coverage while carrying out an internship abroad if they maintain their study permit in Canton Ticino for the entire duration of the stay. We remind those students that during a temporary stay abroad, Swisscare is only valid in case of emergency. For more information, please contact the Swisscare office: [email protected].


    Internship permits: Please note that in some countries it is necessary to obtain a work permit to carry out an internship. You can apply directly to the company or the consulate of the host country.

    For more information on the main destinatons, you can consult the dossiers copiled by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) at the following links:

    In particular, for an internship in the United States, we suggest you to check the following links:




Updated on: 16 May 2024