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Scolarships for internships abroad

To promore professional mobility, the Swiss Confederation and the Career Service provide scolarships for an internship in Europe or worldwide (SEMP scholarship).

The SEMP programme (Swiss-European Mobility Programme) allows you to receive funding for internships carried out in one of the countries participating in the SEMP programme on this page: List of countries

For further information, please visit the Movetia website.

The basic requirements for receiving a grant are:

  • To be enrolled, at the time of application, in a USI Bachelor's and/or Master's programme
  • Undertake a full-time internship of a minimum duration of 2 months
  • Reside in a different country other than the one in which the internship takes place (doing an internship in Switzerland does not entitle you to SEMP funds)
  • The application for the grant must be made before the start of the internship by filling in the internship registration form.
  • Proof of stay in the country of the internship is required (e.g. copy of rental contract)

Please note that:

  • The funding period runs from 1st of June 2024 to 31st of July 2026 (until funds are exhausted)
  • A new funding period opens each year in June
  • 80% of the funding is awarded at the beginning of the internship and the remaining 20% at the end of the internship (within 30 days after finishing the internship, final documents must be submitted to receive the balance)
  • Monthly grant: CHF 440 for internships in Europe - CHF 500 for internships worldwide (outside the EU)
  • Grants can be used up to 12 months after graduation (application must however be made during studies)
  • In the event of interruption or cancellation of the internship, there is an obligation to return the grant (in whole or in part).

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  • Green Travel Top-Up

    As of 2021, students who decide to do an internship abroad can benefit from the Green Travel Top-UP. This is a flat-rate subsidy of CHF 100 for students who travel to their internship country (return trip) by a means of transport that emits less CO2 than air (bus or train) to reach their destination and return home.

    Proof of travel is required and funds are limited.

    For more information, see the Movetia website.





Updated on: 03 July 2024