Practicalities for the USI community

Curricular and extracurricular internship

The Career Service help the students and the graduates (up to 12 months from graduation) who wish to carry out a curricular or an extracurricular internship.

The internship is curricular if it is a mandatory part of the academic degree curriculum and shall entitle to the assignment of ECTS.
To verify the terms of each degree for the internship, read the Curricular internship guidelines and the Requirements and contacts for curricular internships.

You can download the curricular internship guidelines here: USI Curricular Internship.

To register an internship and obtain the recognition of credits ECTS the student is expected to follow the procedure of Registration and validation of curricular internship



The extracurricular internship does not entitle to the recognition of the assignment of ECTS and it can be undertaken if compatible with the academic commitments.

In the case of an internship abroad the Career Service provides scholarships for all students regularly enrolled in a USI program, which can be used up to 12 months from graduation.

The Career Service is available for further information.




Updated on: 15/06/2021