Practicalities for the USI community

Registration and validation of curricular internship

To register and validate an internship as part of one's degree curriculum, the student is expected to follow the procedure listed below.

Pre-internship (Registration and Pre-Approval)

  1. Fill out the online internship registration form and submit it to the Academic Tutor (the Master’s Director and/or his/her delegate(s) for Master Degrees and the Delegato per gli esami for the Bachelor in Economics) for approval.
  2. If the internship is taking place outside your home country (excluding Switzerland), you may apply for a Scolarship for Internships Abroad.
  3. Hand in or send the registration form approved by your tutor and a copy of the internship contract to the Career Service.


Post-internship (Validation)

  1. Fill out the online internship report and have it approved by your Academic Tutor.
  2. Deliver to the Career Service in paper form or by e-mail:
  • end-of-internship certificate (Italian) issued by the Employer;
  • final internship report approved (signed) by the Academic Tutor;
  • copy of your updated Curriculum Vitae that includes the internship that you intend to validate

It will be responsibility of the Career Service to verify the completeness and adequacy of the documentation and to proceed with the validation of the internship by awarding the ECTS envisaged by the study programme.




Updated on: 19 December 2022