Practicalities for the USI community

Registration and validation of curricular internship

To register and validate an internship as part of one's degree curriculum, the student is expected to follow, with the support of the Career Service, the procedure listed below.
For any further information about the requirements of each Bachelor/Master program, please read the Guidelines.


Pre-internship (Registration)

  1. Fill out the internship registration form online (the form can be modified at any time).
  2. Print and submit the registration form to the Director of your Master’s program (or to the Mâitre-assistant for the Bachelor of Economics) in order to obtain the relevant approval, which will be given based on the contents of the proposed internship.
  3. Deliver the approved registration form and a copy of the internship contract to Career Service.

NB: if a change of permit or an internship agreement are needed for the internship, please contact the Career Service.

Post-internship (Validation)

  1. Deliver a copy of the internship certificate to the Career Service filled out by the employer (See model).
  2. Fill the internship report online.




Updated on: 25/01/2019