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Registration and validation of curricular internship

To register and validate an internship as part of one's degree curriculum, the student is expected to follow, with the support of the Career Service, the procedure listed below.
For any further information about the requirements of each Bachelor/Master program, please read the Guidelines.



If your Master's (or Bachelor) programme includes a curricular internship and if you have had problems completing it due to the Covid-19 pandemia, USI gives you the opportunity to replace or integrate the internship with an alternative activity, to choose from this list to be agreed with the Master Director (or the Exam Delegate for Bachelor students).
For registration/approval and validation of your alternative activity, you can login as for the curricular internship registration and select the option "Covid-19 curricular internship –alternative activity"

We remind you that, if necessary, you will be able to record multiple alternative activities (exactly like for internships). If the master director/academic tutor. 


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Updated on: 26/05/2021