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Ethics in Horizon 2020

Ethics is an integral part of all Horizon 2020 projects and needs to be considered from proposal preparation up until the end of the project. You need to pay particular attention to the ethics aspects, as you are required to provide detailed information as soon as ethics issues emerge.


Ethics and proposal preparation

When preparing your proposal, you need to perform an ethics self-appraisal by first completing the “Ethics issues table” in section 5 of the online administrative form of your proposal. This step is required even if your proposal does not raise any ethics issue.

In case your proposal does raise ethics concerns, you need to address them in the ethics self-assessment part of the proposal (technical section).

Ethics concerns can arise for example in relation to:

  • Human beings, embryos, stem cells
  • Personal data collection and storage
  • Dual use, misuse of research results
  • Involvement of non-EU countries

All proposals are subject to an Ethics Screening during the evaluation and, in case of approval, you might be required to provide additional information concerning ethics.

For detailed guidance on how to answer the questionnaire and how to draft your ethics self-assessment, you can follow the guide How to complete your ethics self-assessment.

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Updated on: 24 October 2019