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Horizon Europe proposal preparation

Preparing a proposal: needed information

In consideration to the current situation of Switzerland, you are strongly advised to contact SRIT before your application.

Swiss partners participate in Horizon Europe collaborative projects (both “Research and Innovation Actions” and “Innovation Actions”) as a third country.

  • Swiss partner cannot coordinate the project but can be work package or task leader;
  • Swiss partner cannot receive EU funding; in case of success, Swiss partners will receive direct funding from the Swiss Confederation;
  • See the “Financial Guarantee for Swiss participants in collaborative projects 2023” issued by SERI, which can be shared with coordinators.
  • The Swiss total budget has to be indicated in the column financial contribution
  • Formally, we participate  as “associated partner” and not as beneficiary.

Up-to-date information and FAQs available on the dedicated SERI page:



As a general rule, collaborative projects in Horizon Europe are carried out by a group of participants (consortium), composed by at least 3 organizations located in 3 different EU countries (Member States or Associated Countries), of which at least one from a Member State. As a third country, Swiss partners do not count towards this minimum


Participant Portal

In order to apply for funding, you need to create a proposal through the electronic submission system of the Participant Portal. You can access the electronic submission system after selecting a call and a specific topic.

Then, you need to indicate your Organization by providing a “Participant Identification Code” (PIC number). Please use the following PIC number for the Università della Svizzera italiana: 999585874.

To have access to the online proposal, you need to ask access to the coordinator. As associated partners, we don’t have automatic access to the portal. Please refer to the annexed factsheet for an explaination on how to add a Swiss partner.



The proposal is composed of two distinct parts: the administrative section, to be completed online, and the technical section (i.e. the scientific proposal), to be uploaded on the Portalonline when ready.

When preparing an application for a Horizon Europe project, in addition to the scientific proposal you will be requested to provide several administrative and financial information. We recommend you to contact the Research and Transfer service ahead of time in order to receive support for your proposal preparation.



As a rule of thumb, in Horizon Europe projects you can request personnel costs, travel and research costs, Open Access to publications and equipment. Budget also includes an overhead of 25%, calculated on the total direct costs.

In consideration to the current situation, you are strongly advised to contact the Research and Transfer service to discuss your financial needs ([email protected])



You can submit your proposal several times before the call deadline: the latest submitted version overwrites the previous one, as long as the call has not been closed.

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Updated on: 27 February 2023