Practicalities for the USI community

Activities for families

The Equal Opportunities Service organises, also in collaboration with other associations, recreation activities for USI families.


  • Junior Camp USI-SUPSI

    The summer camp, organized with the SUPSI Gender and Diversity Service for the children (aged between 4 and 11) of the staff of the two institutions, aims to provide support in reconciling work and family life.
    The enrollment fee and the maximum number of participants are defined annually.
    In 2018, the summer camp will be offer from 27 to 31 August, USI Lugano Campus, with the following Program and General conditions.
    The participants rate the activity very positively.
    Rapporto valutazione soddisfazione 2017


  • Festa delle famiglie USI-SUPSI 

    Organized with the SUPSI Gender and Diversity Service, is one of the recreation activities for children of USI and SUPSI students and staff to enjoy free time together with members of their family, thus boosting a community spirit and a sense of belonging.
    The activities conducted by a professional animation team and a snack will be offered to all participants.
    In 2018, the Festa delle famiglie will be held on Saturday, October 13, SUPSI Manno. Information about the activity program and registration will follow.
    Program 2018. Registration until October 10, 2018.




Updated on: 25/09/2018