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Semester tuition fee - Bachelor / Master

N.B. This article is for information only. For legal purposes, the USI Regulations for Admissions and Enrolment are the authoritative source.

USI Bachelor and Master students pay an all-inclusive enrolment fee each semester (semester tuition fee).

For the Bachelor and Master programmes, the semestet tuition fee amounts to CHF 4,000 per semester. Students who were legally resident in Switzerland (or had a C permit in the case of foreign students) or in Liechtenstein when they obtained their high-school leaving certificate pay a reduced fee of CHF 2,000 per semester.

Students of Swiss nationality who were resident abroad when they obtained their high-school leaving certificate may also benefit from the reduced fee, if their financial circumstances accord with the parameters defined by the Canton of Ticino for the award of a cantonal scholarship.

Students from other universities attending USI under a recognized exchange programme do not pay the enrolment fee to USI, but continue to pay fees to their university of origin.

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Updated on: 15 October 2019