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Psychological Counselling Service

The Psychological Counselling Service offers a counseling service in cooperation with the ATP, the association of psychologists in Ticino, to help students reach professionals in the field of psychology.


What is counseling?

Counseling is a way of asking for help when facing personal trouble or distress

Emotional distress may come in different forms and degrees, from a short term to a more complicated and long-lasting discomfort. When a disorder or a problem interferes with one's daily routine affecting relationships, family, the workplace or school, seeking assistance from a qualified psychologist is certainly an option.

Counseling can focus on defining and solving specific problems, from decision making to crisis management.

Counseling focuses on problems and helps finding solutions in different areas of life, helping to adjust and to overcome obstacles.

Together, concrete goals and realistic deadlines are set.

Evaluation, diagnostic assessment and reclaiming are the initial tools used to determine whether to seek professional counseling when one feels it is required.

Counseling is not a free of charge service; supplemental health insurance will cover the fees for Cantonal appointed qualified psychotherapists. USI will however cover the fees for the first session.


If you are interested in this service, you may contact directly one of the following counselors:

For individual profiles or further information, please refer to (in Italian):




Updated on: 14 February 2023