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USI in ascolto

USI in ascolto (USI listening) is a space devoted to listening and providing free of charge individual support to all students and PhD candidates, promoted by USI through the Equal Opportunities Service. USI in ascolto is a space dedicated to welcoming and listening to the difficulties and moments of discomfort experienced by the person. It offers a limited number of consultations (usually from one to five) during which the person is accompanied in understanding their individual, relational and/or social difficulties and helped, through the activation of their internal and external resources, to develop strategies to overcome them. Maximum confidentiality is guaranteed.


Who can access it?

USI in ascolto is available to all Bachelor and Master students, duly enrolled at USI, as well as to PhD candidates of all faculties affiliated to USI.

Consultations are offered in Italian and English.


How does it work?

USI in ascolto can be accessed via telephone and e-mail through the following contacts:

tel +41 58 666 41 55 (Swiss landline number, the cost of the call varies depending on the operator and tariff plan)
It is also possible to reach us through chat or by phone on Teams ("USI in ascolto").

USI in ascolto is active in the following days and times:

Monday from 5 pm to 8 pm
Wednesday from 9 am to 12 am
Friday from 5 pm to 8 pm


Who is listening?

USI in ascolto is operated by individuals with direct knowledge of the Università della Svizzera italiana and with specific training in psychology.


What is it not?

USI in ascolto is not a diagnostic service or a psychotherapy program, but a short-term journey to support the person who is experiencing a situation of particular difficulty and/or personal discomfort. For those who wish to start a therapeutic treatment with a mental health professional, USI in ascolto can provide information, by directing them to the Psychological Counselling Service, offered in collaboration with the Ticino Association of Psychologists, or to other competent resources in the region.


Liability and protection of personal data

USI and its collaborators decline any responsibility for any damage or problems resulting from the use of USI in acolto.

USI in ascolto collects data exclusively for the purpose of adequate case monitoring and for statistical purpose.

All collaborators of USI in ascolto comply with the obligation of confidentiality and manage each dossier assuring its anonymity.





Updated on: 03/02/2021