Practicalities for the USI community

Dual Career

Numerous researchers, especially women researchers, happen to live with a partner who is also fully engaged in an academic or professional career. To be in a "Dual career" path means being eminently flexible in the way you plan your career, especially in terms of mobility, at least until you achieve tenure.

Therefore, if we want to promote the cause of equal opportunities, we need to become much more sensitive and sympathetic to the demands of researchers (male or female) faced with the challenge of adjusting their career and mobility demands to fit those of their partners.

USI aims not solely to alert the whole academic community to the concerns and difficulties facing dual-career couples but also to provide all interested parties, e.g. all newly appointed professors, with key information to facilitate their smooth integration in the local environment.

In particular, priority is given to any practical advice likely to help a couple or family to organise their daily routine (such as seeking accommodation, applying for a residence permit, enrolling their children in the local school system), as well as facilitate the professional integration of the partner. All these measures make universities more attractive for future professorial staff and contribute to a high-quality management of human resources.




Updated on: 30 September 2022