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How to register for courses and exams or withdraw - Faculty of Informatics

Course registration


Students are required to register for the courses they wish to attend and intend to take the exams for during the first 6 weeks of the semester.

Course registration is solicited by the Dean’s office and registration is done on the Faculty online teaching platform.

Students registered for a given course are required to take the relevant exam during the ordinary session at the end of the semester in which the course is given. Failure to show up for the exam without due justification will be considered as a failed attempt. 

Once registered for a course, students can decide to leave it and therefore not to take the exam by notifying said decision no later than six weeks from the beginning of the semester.


Exam registration


Even though course registration obliges to take the relevant exams, it is formally required for students to register for exams.

Students can register online for examinations of the Faculty of Informatics in the registration period indicated here at

Access to the platform is through your edu-ID.


The registration form consists of two sections:

  • core courses;
  • elective courses.

The core courses mirror the student’s study plan, while the list of elective courses includes a series of courses (including courses run by the other Faculties) from which (s)he can choose. The lists show only the courses for which an examination is scheduled in the given session.

If a student would like to register for the examination for a course that is not listed, this should be communicated immediately by e-mail to [email protected].

A registration confirmation e-mail will be sent for each examination for which a student has registered: for instance, when registering for seven examinations, the student will receive seven separate e-mails. If the confirmation e-mails have not arrived within 24 hours, the problem should be communicated immediately by e-mail to [email protected].

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  • Registration period and closing dates

    It is possible to register for examinations only within the registration periods stated in the Faculty examination schedule.

    Under no circumstances will registrations be accepted after the closing date.

    The opening and closing dates of the registration periods are also communicated by e-mail from the Dean’s Office.

  • Terms and conditions

    The terms and conditions set out in the Study Regulations shall apply.

  • Technical queries

    In the event of technical problems or inability to connect with the registration system, the student is requested to contact [email protected] by e-mail before the end of the registration period, listing the examinations to be taken.

    Late registrations will not be accepted.

  • Withdrawal

    Students may withdraw from an exam by withdrawing from the relative course, as indicated above.

    Failure to attend an examination or without a valid reason will be considered as a failed attempt (see Study Regulations).

  • Leveling courses

    Students required to take exams for leveling courses can register on the exams portal.

    For exams not listed on the portal, please contact the Dean’s Office ([email protected]) before the registration deadline.




Updated on: 19 November 2021