Practicalities for the USI community

edu-ID: The new digital identity of Swiss universities

The edu-ID digital identity is a permanent identity that is created by the users themselves and can accompany them throughout their education - potentially at several universities - but also after their studies.

The edu-ID digital identity is managed for the entire Swiss academic community by SWITCH, the foundation that provides IT services to all the Swiss universities. SWITCH has taken great care to protect personal data: it is the end users who control the content of the information managed by edu-ID and the extent to which this information is visible to the various organisations that use it.

From 13 July 2021, the edu-ID digital identity allows access to various services, such as:

  • iCorsi e-learning platform;
  • library services, including lending;
  • platform for registering for examinations/courses, checking grades, obtaining certificates;
  • portal with internship / job offers;
  • the portal of the Academic Senate;
  • Microsoft operating systems and software offers, VMware offers;
  • offers on laptops, other devices and software as part of Projekt Neptun initiative and on


What should I do?

Create a personal SWITCH edu-ID account and link it to the Università della Svizzera italiana.

  • How to create and link an edu-ID account (link)
  • How to check whether your edu-ID account has already been linked (link)




Updated on: 25 July 2022