Practicalities for the USI community


The website

is the portal where students of the Faculties of Communication Sciences, Economics, and Informatics can generate and download a series of certificates:

  • certificate of attendance (the document that certifies matriculation at USI);
  • statement for the Cantonal migration office (the document required to obtain or renew the residence permit);
  • request form for military service deferment;
  • certificates for requesting gainful employment during studies.

Access the portal with the NetID credentials and then click on "Certificates". 

Certificates are generated automatically with a unique authentication code, a stamp and a digital signature. They do not, therefore, require any other type of validation and can be used immediately. Certificates for the chosen semester will be available only after the payment of the related tuition fee.


Grade transcript of exams (Com, Eco)

Students of the Faculties of Communication Sciences and of Economics can download and print the official grade transcript - which includes the exams taken and the number of credits obtained - at 

The portal is accessible with the NetID credentials.

Students must click on the Study Plan and then enter the “Certificates” section .

The transcript is generated automatically with a unique authentication code, a stamp, and a digital signature. It does not, therefore, require any other type of validation and can be used immediately.


Queries and special certificates

For queries and special certificates, please contact:


Academy of Architecture

For the Academy of Architecture please read here.






Updated on: 04/12/2019