Practicalities for the USI community

Deposit, storage, and electronic circulation of PhD theses

USI seeks to promote the online dissemination of its own doctoral publications, with the aim of facilitating access to knowledge and contributing to the recognition of USI scholars.
With this view USI takes part in the RERO DOC project, a cooperation initiative of Swiss universities. Students who are awarded a PhD degree, in compliance with the requirements of their faculties, must submit an electronic copy of their thesis to the Library, as follows:

  • Students must submit a PDF copy of their work, together with a TXT or RTF file including the abstract (maximum three languages) and the keywords.
  • After receiving these documents, the Library will contact the secretarial office and the degree certificate will be issued.
  • Upon submission of their thesis, PhD students are requested to sign two copies of the deposit agreement.
  • Students retain one copy of the agreement.




Updated on: 13 October 2017