Practicalities for the USI community

Course quality

Every student at USI is entitled to express views on the quality of courses. For this purpose, courses which include a half-yearly examination offer a course quality survey, conducted after every examination session, in accordance with the Internal Guidelines on Quality Assurance at Università della Svizzera italiana.

At the end of a given course, every student is required to complete a questionnaire. The questionnaire is anonymous and allows the student to express his/her views on the course content, organisation, materials and teaching, and to suggest ways in which the course could be improved.

The results are collected and processed by the USI Quality Assurance Service, and are then forwarded in summarised form to individual faculty and lecturers, as well as to the Rector, Deans and directors of Master programs. 

In addition to the end-of-course survey, students arer warranted the right and opportunity to comment on the quality of a course by approaching the person or body responsible for their programme of studies.




Updated on: 20 December 2019