Practicalities for the USI community

Academic staff mobility

The SEMP programme offers academic staff the possibility of teaching abroad, for a short period of time, at an institution with which the Università della Svizzera italiana has signed a Teaching Staff (TS) agreement.

The standard mobility period is one week. It involves a minimum of lecturing load of 8 hours, and may extend up to 6 weeks.

Academic staff wishing to carry out a teaching period at one of the partner universities must fully integrate into the partner university's department or faculty, which means:

  • the mobility purpose must be based on the agreement between USI and the partner university (bilateral agreement);
  • the guest academic staff must agree in advance with the partner university the teaching curriculum that must be fulfilled.

! The national agency Movetia has announced that in the academic year 2023/2024, incoming and outgoing staff (teaching and administrative) mobility will not be financed through the SEMP programme. If interested please contact the service to evalutate possible alternatives.


Submit all the required document (Teaching staff mobility agreement) to the International Relations and Study Abroad Service specifying the destination and the period of the mobility;

At the end of the visit the teacher is required to provide the following documents:

The amount of the contributions are available at this page.

For more information please contact the International Relations and Study Abroad Service or read the National Agency webpage.




Updated on: 22 May 2023