Practicalities for the USI community

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is one of the central USI bodies, together with the University Council and the Rectorate. It was set up in the interests of greater academic consistency.  

Comprising representatives of Faculty, the Assistants, the student body, and the administrative, library and technical staff, its composition and function are specified in the USI Statute.  

The members of the Senate are elected by their respective constituencies. Voting rights, eligibility and election procedures are defined in the Academic Senate Regulations.

The platform, which can be accessed by using your edu-ID:

  • gives details of the voting rights of each member of the academic community (whether entitled to vote and for which body);
  • enables you to present your own candidature;
  • enables you to view the whole range of candidates;
  • enables you to vote;
  • gives details of those elected;
  • enables you to read the Academic Senate Regulations.






Updated on: 16 July 2021