Practicalities for the USI community


Who is the mediator?

The mediator is an institutional figure with the role of facilitating conflict resolution within the University, upon written request by any member of the USI administrative or academic staff. The service is not intended for university students, or third parties. 

The mediator tries to facilitate reconciliation; it is not up to the mediator to resolve disputes. He / she acts autonomously and ensures utmost confidentiality during procedures. It is appointed by the Rector and chosen among full professors within the University who do not exercise other institutional functions (members of the Rectorate, Deans or other decision-making boards). The mediator’s term lasts two years and can be renewed twice.

The current USI mediator is Prof. Bertil Cottier. 


How to apply for mediation

Application procedure can be found in this document:







Updated on: 24/10/2019