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Università della Svizzera italiana is an official IELTS Registration Partner. The exam IELTS – International English Language Testing System – certifies the level of knowledge of the English language. Both Academic IELTS and General IELTS certifications are valid in more that 10'000 organizations in the world, including Università della Svizzera italiana. Both USI students and staff as well as external people can register for the IELTS exam at USI. 30 places are available to take the exam at USI for each proposed date.


2024 dates

  • Saturday February 24th (Registration deadline: 5th of February)
  • Saturday July 20th (Registration deadline: 1st of July)
  • Saturday September 07th (Registration deadline: 19th of August)
  • Saturday September 19th (Registration deadline: 30th of August)
  • Saturday December 14th (Registration deadline: 25th of November)

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  • Registration and payment

    Registration and payment

    Registration and payment are directly managed by Cambridge English Languages, the company that runs IELTS at USI Lugano. Please see the most important information below:

    • To register and pay, please use the following link.
    • The deadline for registration is 3 weeks before the exam date.
    • Test takers with special arrangements need to register 8-10 weeks before the exam date.
    • For further information to do with registration, payment, or special accommodations, contact [email protected]
  • Exam day

    • Exams take place in the Red Building in West Campus Lugano
    • For any questions related to the preparation courses, please contact: [email protected].
    • The listening, reading and writing parts of the test take place on the Saturday morning. The speaking part of the test takes place the afternoon before and/or after the test date, depending on availability
  • Preparation and format

  • IELTS Certificates recognised by USI

    IELTS certificates are among the international certificates recognised by USI for admission to study programmes or to apply for exemption from the English examination.


    Level B2:

    • IELTS Band 5.5 or higher

    Level B2+:

    • IELTS Band 6.5 or higher

    Level C1:

    • IELTS Band 7
  • IELTS Test results

    The results are available online after 16:00 GMT on the 13th day after the test. To access the results online, you can click here: It's necessary to enter your name and passport or ID number (the one used for registration).

    On the 13th day, the TRF(Test Report Form) is printed also and sent to the address provided upon registration. Swiss Post is very efficient so the test taker will receive the TRF on the following day. This document is the official one.

    If you send an email to [email protected] the IELTS office can also send the results to the university or institution you need directly (if it is a university or institution that accepts it online, using the online portal; if the institution wants the TRF as a hard copy then the office will send it using postal services and the test taker has to pay for the cost of the registered post).




Updated on: 12 April 2024