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Health insurance for students

The information on this page is intended for:

  • foreign students enrolled in Bachelor's and Master's degrees;
  • foreign PhD students without an employment contract.


Every person residing in Switzerland is required to have a health and accident insurance or to obtain the relevant exemption (see below) within three months of entry into Switzerland. Compulsory health insurance covers the costs of the medical care in case of illness or accident.

If the terms are not met, or exemption is not obtained, an insurance will be assigned as a matter of course at the discretion of the respective authorities.



Detailed information:

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  • Exemption


    Foreign students with a Swiss residence permit (B or L) for study purposes (i.e. the one with the notation “soggiorno per formazione”) may be exempted from contracting compulsory health insurance in Switzerland.

    This applies in particular to:

    The only exception relates to students with non-EU/EFTA citizenship who come from and are insured with the EHIC in Germany, which is the only state that still pays for the healthcare services obtained in Switzerland by Third-country nationals.

    • students with a private insurance from an EU/EFTA country who can prove that it complies with Swiss standards, i.e. that it provides a coverage that is financially unlimited and equivalent to the one guaranteed by the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (KVG/LAMal). They must apply for exemption by using the form TI 6.2.
    • students with a private insurance from an extra EU/EFTA country who can prove that it complies with Swiss standards, i.e. that it provides a coverage that is financially unlimited and equivalent to the one guaranteed by the Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (KVG/LAMal). They must apply for exemption by using the form TI 6.3.


    All students who do not fall under any of the abovementioned categories are obliged to take out a health and accident insurance policy in Switzerland. Please note that USI offers an affordable insurance policy called “Swisscare”. For more details, please click here.


    The non-subjection/exemption request form, duly filled-out and signed, together with the mandatory enclosures must be delivered to the competent cantonal authority - for the Canton of Ticino, it is the Istituto delle assicurazioni sociali (IAS) in Bellinzona - within three months from the date of entry in Switzerland. Those students who haven’t received the residence permit for the Canton of Ticino by the aforementioned deadline, instead of it, can submit the Notification of arrival issued by either the Residents’ registration office or by the Migration office. The documentation will have to be completed later on with a copy of the residence permit as soon as the student receives it.


    Late requests cannot be accepted and, after the period of three months from the arrival has passed, it becomes necessary to take out Swiss compulsory health insurance (KVG/LAMal) for the entire duration of the stay.


    For further information, please contact:

    Istituto delle assicurazioni sociali
    Ufficio dei contributi
    Settore obbligo assicurativo
    Via Ghiringhelli 15a
    6501 Bellinzona
    tel.      +41 91 821 93 16/19/20, oppure 91 55, oppure 92 92
    fax      +41 91 821 92 99
    email   [email protected]
    web page: (in Italian only)


    Advance payment of fees in case of exemption

    In the event of an accident or a health problem, the student that has been exempted from the Swiss insurance will be required to pay the expenses in advance (cash or credit card). Reimbursement - with the appropriate deductions - may be requested by sending a copy of the invoice and the European Health Insurance Card to the following address:

    Istituzione Comune LAMal (Gemeinsame Einrichtung KVG)
    Industriestrasse 78
    CH-4600 Olten

    For information:

  • Students maintaining their residence abroad

    Students who maintain their residence in their home country (residence abroad) - e.g. Italian students living in the border area and returning home every day - and who therefore do not hold a residence permit in Switzerland (B or L) are required to be duly informed on the regulations in their country.

    These students may receive emergency treatment in Switzerland, but must then, if they are unable to pay the necessary deposit or if they are not sufficiently covered in their home country, return home to undergo further treatment.



  • Buying insurance

    Compulsory health insurance benefits (as defined by law) are the same for all insurers. Students are free to choose their own insurance company. Monthly premiums vary between CHF 200 and CHF 450 depending on age, place of residence and premium.

    It is recommended to compare offers ( before signing an insurance contract. Some insurance companies offer special packages for foreign students.



  • Special offer for USI students

    In order to provide its foreign students with a more affordable mandatory insurance coverage, USI has agreed a collective insurance policy named Swisscare with the insurer Europäische Reiseversicherung AG.

    It offers basic illness, accident and maternity health care benefits similar to the compulsory benefits under the Swiss Federal Law on Compulsory Health Care (KVG-LAMal), but at a much lower cost.


    More information:


  • Reduced premiums

    Foreign students applying for a reduction on the compulsory health insurance premiums, according to the legislation concerning foreign individuals must be aware that, by doing so, they automatically show that they lack the financial means required to support themselves in Switzerland during their studies, and therefore their permit B or L may be revoked or negated by the relevant Cantonal authority.






Updated on: 02 June 2022