Practicalities for the USI community

USI IT accounts

Students, PhD students, academic staff and other staff have personal accounts giving them access to a number of IT resources (PCs, e-mail, printers, etc.).


Login credentials

The login credentials (username and password) giving access to the accounts are provided directly to each user upon matriculation (students and PhD students other than doctoral assistants) or upon signature of the contract of employment (doctoral assistants, academic staff, other staff).


More information on the accounts is available in the sections below: 

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  • Lugano Campus

    Users on the Lugano Campus are provided with the following accounts (authentication systems) to give them access to the IT resources at their disposal:

  • Mendrisio Campus

    Each user in the Academy has three different kinds of account:

    Information about accounts for users on the Mendrisio Campus are available here.




Updated on: 09/01/2020