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PhD activity report - Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society

Once a year, all doctoral students are required to send electronically to the Graduate Studies Committee ([email protected]) a report about the activities they carried out during the past academic year.

The report describes the educational activities (including evaluations from courses attended), participation in academic events, and the progress made in research from the last sent report (with details of any publication submitted for evaluation or accepted or already published).

The module of the activity report is here available at the bottom of the page.

Before the submission, the annual report must be signed by the Thesis Director and then sent via email to the [email protected] with in Cc the Thesis Director him/herself. The report must be sent between the 1st and the 30th of September.


Art. 12 of the Ph.D. Program of the study:

  1. All doctoral students, internal and external, that on the 30th of September are enrolled in the Ph.D. for at least six months, and that by the 30th of September have not yet submitted their Ph.D. thesis, are required to submit the activity report under Art. 13 of the Ph.D. Regulations of 2016.
  2. The report shall be submitted once a year, in the period between the 1st and the 30th of September, in electronic format, to the Graduate Studies Committee ([email protected]), and shall include a description of the activities carried out during the previous year. The report shall feature training activities (including any reported course assessments), participation in scientific events, and shall provide a description and the progress of the doctoral student’s research (including details on any article under review, accepted or published).
  3. The annual report shall be submitted by the doctoral student only once it has been approved and signed by the Thesis Director.
  4. In case the report is not submitted by the aforementioned deadline, the doctoral student receives a reprimand after 2 weeks and is urged via email to submit the report. If no report is submitted after a further two weeks of time, the doctoral student is summoned to a meeting by the Coordinator of the Graduate Studies Committee to explain their failure to submit this report. If the doctoral student does not provide detailed further information or an annual report within 2-4 weeks of the meeting, as defined by the Coordinator or the Graduate Studies Committee, or if the student fails provides adequate reasons during the meeting explaining why the report has not been submitted, the doctoral student can be excluded from the Ph.D. programme with decision of the Graduate Studies Committee under Art. 14 of the Ph.D. Regulations of 2016.




Updated on: 17 January 2024