Practicalities for the USI community

PhD activity report - Faculty of Communication Sciences

Once a year, all PhD students are expected, according to art. 9.3 of Regolamento, to electronically send a brief report about the activities they carried out during the past year to the Gestione Dottorato (

The report should describe the educational activities (including evaluations from courses attended), participation in academic events, and the progress made in research up until this point (with details of any publications submitted for evaluation or already published).  

The annual report must be countersigned by the thesis supervisor (or sent via email to the with in cc the thesis supervisor) and should be presented at the end of the academic year (end of September), regardless of the official starting date of the Ph.D. program.

In particular, after a first period of orientation of approximately one year, the report should contain a detailed plan of the doctoral research.


Art. 9.3 Regolamento: By the end of the first year, each PhD candidate must submit a detailed outline of his/her research project; the thesis supervisor will discuss this with them and assess it. At the end of each subsequent year, the candidate will draft a progress report; the report, appropriately reviewed and signed by the supervisor, must be submitted to the PhD Committee. After the second reminder, candidates who fail to observe this process may be excluded from doctoral studies.




Updated on: 15/10/2019