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USI students' exchange: Mobility Online

Mobility Online is one of the most widely used mobility management tools. Starting from January 2022, Università della Svizzera italiana will equip itself with this tool for the management of incoming and outgoing mobility for study or internship purposes.

Mobility Online provides all the information, documentation and procedures to be performed from the time of registration until the return from the mobility period. Most of the administrative procedures related to mobility are therefore carried out within Mobility Online. On this page, you will find further useful information and supporting documentation for the correct use of the platform.


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  • Online registration form - how to log in

    The link to apply for a study exchange in the academic year 2023-2024 is as follows:

    Please note the following: 

    • Login is done using your SWITCH edu-ID credentials.
    • Only one application per semester is allowed. 
    • Once you have logged in for the first time, you access the registration form, which must be completed in all its parts (mandatory fields are marked with a *). Once you click on "send application", the system will send a confirmation email ("Confirmation of registration"). From now on, the personal link to access the platform is the one indicated at the bottom of the email. The login continues to be carried out with the SWITCH edu-ID credentials.
    • To proceed, simply click on Login. You do not have to change the number that appears in the field Login. At this point, you return to the page where the SWITCH edu-ID credentials must be entered. 

    Download guidelines.

    Exchange as a Freemover 

    Students interested in spending an exchange period at a university with which USI does not have a bilateral agreement are kindly requested not to use the link to the online form but to contact the International Relations and Study Abroad Service in order to receive the appropriate link for registering for this programme.


  • USI's partner universities: how to choose

    As of January 2022, the new responsive portal for browsing the partner universities is online. The portal allow the research with a number of different filters and criteria; among those, the study programmes at USI. Each university presents first-hand information for exchange students.

    To guarantee a smooth transition, the static page with the list of USI's partner universities will be available until the end of September:

    The universities are divided by Faculty and the information displayed always includes the number of places for the agreement, the level (bachelor and/or master), and the number of places for the current call. Furthermore, additional information may be outlined, such as whether the agreement is a structured one of if it is exclusively available for one study programme.

    The link "More information" next to the name of the university will bring you to the Fact Sheet. We strongly recommend reading the Fach sheets carefully because they contain very useful information for exchange students. For example, the academic calendar, the link to the course catalog, the language requirements, the information about accommodation, and much more.

    On the online application form in Mobility Online you will need to indicate the Faculty and the study programme you are attending at USI. The system will offer you only the universities to which you are entitled to apply. If you have identified an institution but you don't see it on the list, you may get in touch with [email protected] for a further check.

  • The Work Flow

    Once the procedure is completed, a Work Flow is automatically generated. The Work Flow is a step-by-step procedure to be followed and all the steps must be performed in order to proceed with the process.

    Each time a step is completed, a green tick appears. The steps can be completed by the candidate (upload of documents, confirmations, completion of information) or by the International Relations and Study Abroad Service (verification of uploaded documentation, confirmation email, selection result, etc.).

    Documents can be uploaded at different times but must be provided within the registration deadline!

    Download guidelines.

  • Learning Agreement Proposal

    On this page, you may download the Learning Agreement Proposal(s) for your exchange semester application. Please keep in mind the following information:

    • You must fill one Learning Agreement Proposal for each destination you are applying for. 
    • You must upload the PDF with editable fields as originally downloaded. No scan accepted. 
    • Students of the Bachelor's in Economics are NOT required to submit a proposal. They will complete the digital module in Mobility Online after being selected. 

    Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society

    Faculty of Economics

    Faculty of Informatics

    Faculty of Teology

  • Learning Agreement: User Manual

    The Learning Agreement is a fundamental document that USI students must prepare as an integral part of their exchange period. It confirms the acceptance of the courses followed at the partner university and, consequently, guarantees the recognition of the exams taken in exchange.

    The management of the Learning Agreement can be different depending on the Faculty and the study programme. The International Relations and Study Abroad Service has therefore prepared this user manual so that students can complete the Learning Agreement effectively and correctly. You do not need to read the entire document, but please read carefully the chapter concerning the study programme you are enrolled in.

    We remind you that ECTS points earned with language courses will not be transferred. Only bachelor students at the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society can discuss a possible (yet not guaranteed) transfer of some specific language course credits with the director of studies.

    The document has been drawn up in Italian or in English for the study programmes taught in Italian and in English respectively.

    Learning Agreement: User Manual

  • Signatories of the Learning Agreement ("Departmental Coordinators")

    The Departmental Coordinators are responsible for approving the Learning Agreement (both Proposal and Final). In order to proceed, they receive an automatic email directly from Mobility Online when a Learning Agreement is ready to be checked. There is therefore no need for the candidate to make direct contact, but in the case of specific questions about courses or exams when compiling the Learning Agreement, the candidate can refer to the following coordinators:


    Accademia di architettura    
    Bachelor in architettura Mr. Stefano Bastianelli  
    Facoltà di comunicazione, cultura e società    
    Bachelor in Communication Dr. Stefano Giacomelli  
    Bachelor in Lingua, letteratura e civiltà italiana Prof. Stefano Prandi  
    Master in Communication, Management and Health Ms. Teresa Cafaro  
    Master in Corporate Communication Dr. Alessandra Zamparini (Ms. Chiara Krüsi)  
    Master in Lingua, letteratura e civiltà italiana Prof. Marco Maggi  
    Master in Marketing and Transformative Economy Dr. Ksenia Silchenko (Ms. Chiara Krüsi)  
    Master in Media Management Dr. Zhan Zhang  
    Master in Philosophy Dr. Damiano Costa  
    Facoltà di scienze economiche    
    Bachelor in Economics Prof. Edoardo Beretta  
    Master in Economics Prof. Patricia Funk  
    Master in Finance Ms. Katia Mué  
    Master in International Tourism Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni  
    Master in Management Ms. Chiara Krüsi  
    Master in Public Management and Policy Prof. Marco Meneguzzo  
    Facoltà di scienze informatiche    
    Bachelor in Informatics Prof. Laura Pozzi  
    Master in Artificial Intelligence Prof. Luca Gambardella  
    Master in Computational Science Prof. Ernst-Jan Camiel Wit/Prof. Olaf Schenk  
    Master in Financial Technology & Computing Prof. Marc Langheinrich  
    Master in Informatics Prof. Kai Hormann  
    Master in Management & Informatics Prof. Marc Langheinrich  
    Master in Software and Data Engineering Prof. Cesare Pautasso  


  • Questions and support

    For questions or in case of problems with the platform, please send an email to [email protected].




Updated on: 03 May 2023