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LDAP account (Unix / Linux)

The LDAP account is a UNIX / Linux account given to students, assistants, academic and administrative staff at the Faculty of Informatics.

To access the Faculty servers, excluding those with an independent authentication system, a LDAP account is required.


Login credentials

An account is given to each user at the beginning of their studies or employment at USI. The account remains active for the entire stay at the University.


Other information:

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  • Password change

    To change the password, login to any Unix server and enter the word “passwd”.

    All servers in the LDAP domain have the same password, so simply change it on only one of these to access all servers with the new password.

  • User name and/or password forgotten or not received

    If for some reason a user has not received the account details or has forgotten them, try accessing with the following default credentials:

    • user name: the same as the CAMPUS account;
    • password: the same as the NetID.

    If authentication with the default credentials does not work, please contact:




Updated on: 09/01/2020