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Academic Care

In order to provide its students with an appropriate coverage at a more affordable price, the Università della Svizzera italiana has agreed with Groupe Mutuel an extremely convenient collective insurance policy named "Academic Care".

It offers basic illness, accident and maternity health care benefits similar to the compulsory benefits under the Swiss Federal Law on Compulsory Health Care (KVG-LAMal), but at a much lower cost.


Special terms and conditions

This offer is valid exclusively for Extra-EU students admitted to one of USI's programmes, who are not older than 40 years of age and who have been granted a Swiss residence permit for study purposes. The monthly premium costs CHF 105, whereas the annual deductible is CHF 100. The policy can be renewed for a maximum of 6 years.

Please click here for more information: Special Terms and Conditions for «Academic Care» Health Insurance.


How to apply

Students who satisfy all of the above-mentioned criteria can apply through CAST - CONSULENZA ASSICURATIVA TICINO SA. Applicants are required to submit either the B or L type residence permit for the Canton of Ticino for the purpose of study or a certificate issued by the Foreign office proving that its issuance or renewal has been requested. It will also be necessary to enclose the student card and the Swiss health insurance card, if the applicant already possesses them.


Payment terms

The billing will be done by USI. At the beginning of each semester the insured students will receive an invoice for the following 6 months. The bills must be paid within 30 days from the date of their issue.

It is not possible to make payments by installments. Please note that USI will not release neither the certificate of attendance nor the diploma at the end of the studies to those who haven't paid off their debts.


Insured person’s duties

The insured student must inform both USI and CAST about any changes in the mailing address, permit of residence or in case of the final departure from Switzerland.



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